Success Stories

“I absolutely love the diversity of classes and techniques that we are taught, the teachers, the availability of the staff, the easy communication with email, and well …. just the School itself. I am extremely happy that I chose to go to East-West and would recommend it to others as well.”

—Abbie Derby, 2012-2013 Student

“Choosing where to study Massage Therapy was an important decision – I knew it would provide an important foundation of skills. What I did not know, was how exceptional East-West’s instructors are. They have profoundly impacted my growth as a therapist, and more importantly, as a person. What started out as a new career in Massage Therapy has become a spiritual journey!”

—Staci Quick, 2012-2013 Student

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“Thanks for everything you’ve done so far. We all love it here and I am so happy I chose this school after visiting others. I go home to my family every night in a great mood after school, and I love the positive energy of our group, the instructors and the directors! This school is awesome and I can’t wait to start my own Holistic Healing and Massage Therapy Retreat!”

—Vicki Schmidt, 2011 Student

“I love it here! I visited 4 other schools and am so happy I chose East-West School. Katie was awesome at the tour and explained everything to me. My best friend is also attending. I am very excited about being here and pursuing my dream of being a Licensed Massage Therapist. I know I made the right choice!”

—Karah Langager, 2012 Student

“I loved East-West School. The classes and instructors were all really good and I loved the 1000 hour program. I am so grateful to have enjoyed this transformational experience! I passed my boards the first time and am enjoying a wonderful new job in massage that I love! The Director’s continue to be kind, supportive and compassionate people even after graduating. Thank You!”

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—Jennifer Poeschel, 2011 Graduate

“I took the 1000 hour program and drove over an hour every day to class, because I knew it would be worth it. I graduated over 18 months ago and Kristen found full-time job placement for me. I feel like I have the best job in the world! It is so rewarding, and the things I learned while attending East-West School have transformed my life, and now I get to share that with others. I am truly grateful and have never been so happy!”

—Kim Irlbeck, 2010 Graduate

“I loved getting to attend East-West School! I learned so much and looked forward to going in for classes. The atmosphere was so positive and calming, and the instructors are all amazing. Kristen has inspired me, and I can’t wait to go out and make a difference for others! This is aGREAT school! I passed my boards right away.”

—Victoria Wagner, 2011 Graduate

“I am so happy I attended East-West School. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I even got engaged there. I loved all the students who are now life-long friends, and the instructors are amazing. I am looking forward to using what I learned to make a difference for others and will miss everyone!”

—Stephanie Ramey, 2012 Graduate

“I love attending East-West School. I especially enjoy my clinics and getting excellent reviews from the clients. The Directors are wonderful people who are interested in our success, and the staff and instructors are amazing. I can’t wait to graduate in August and start my new career! I already know I will miss everyone when I’m gone.”

—Jenna Clare, 2012 Student

“You’ve got a really great thing going here! I took the 800 hour program and loved it all. I passed my boards right away and found the instructors, staff and directors to all really care about me and my success. The tuition was a very fair value for everything I received and I received a scholarship. I am looking forward to a wonderful new career!”

—Mia Nixon, 2012 Graduate

“I am really enjoying my classes at East-West School. I can’t wait to begin my new career making a difference and giving back. I already know this is going to be my Dream Job. I am so glad I am here!”

—Dusti Dalton, 2012 Student

“I am so inspired about the possibilities of this new career!”

—Kyle Thomas, 2012 Student