Anatomy and Physiology

This course presents an overview of the organization of the human body. Although body systems are studied, there is an emphasis placed on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The study of regional anatomy focuses on surface landmarks; individual muscle origins, insertions and actions; posture and movement analysis; and specific nerve innervations. Anatomy, being the study of the structure of the body parts while physiology is the study of the function of these parts. The levels of organization in the body are discussed. Various terms can …

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Swedish / Western Massage

We offer a series of Western style classes & clinics at East-West School.

Integrated instruction in Swedish and other Western approaches to bodywork, including proper body mechanics, and indications and contraindications for massage. Various strokes are taught including effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement along with their proper usage throughout the body.

Western style clinics will also offer you more practice in this area. We suggest all students practice at home in addition to practicing these techniques at school.

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Sports Massage

This will be an integrative class that brings the best of Western and Eastern techniques to prevent and relieve injuries. After complete the class, the student will be able to assess disorders and find their source using Posture & Gait Analysis. Assessment techniques will be especially useful in finding potential injuries before they happen. This class will prepare the therapist to work at sporting events, with advanced athletes, and side-by-side with Physical Therapists and Doctors. Common injuries for Runners will also be covered.

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Shiatsu / Eastern Massage

Instruction in Shiatsu/acupressure massage. The course covers techniques, schools of thought, and various theories of shiatsu. Body analysis, meridians, practitioner body mechanics, indications and contraindications for massage.

Most Massage Therapy schools teach either Western or Eastern Massage Techniques. At East-West School, we prepare you thoroughly by teaching you an extensive amount of both. It’s what makes the difference between a good therapist and an outstanding therapist.

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Medical Massage

This is an Advanced Technique Class. The therapist will learn advanced palpation skills and a structured approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. This class helps therapists bring about quick results in order to relieve client’s pain. An in-depth protocol with be taught.
• The Twelve-Step approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation
• Carpal Tunnel
• Frozen shoulder
• Ankle sprain
• Low back pain
• Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
• Stretching techniques

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Headaches and Head & Neck Specifics

The Chronic Tension Headache: just the word “tension” describes what massage therapists are best equipped to affect and change, muscle tension producing pain. Rather than treat the pain with a pill, most clients would prefer to eliminate the pain without medication, then learn how to avoid the pain the next time!

Because headaches affect over 15% of the population, massage therapists must learn to address the specific muscles involved in tension headaches and learn to elicit change within not only in the muscles themselves, but also …

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Topics include ethical behavior, boundaries and principles, record keeping, building a successful business and SOAP charting. The importance of ethical professional practice will be stressed, including client confidentiality, boundaries and the professional relationship. Liability issues and some marketing will also be discussed. Being professional and ethical at all times is an expectation of all East-West School Students and graduates.

We encourage all students to review the Iowa Law regarding massage in the state of Iowa in addition to taking this required course.

We also offer this class as a CEU course. …

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Energy Healing

An introduction to energy healing systems, theory and technique is taught. Discussion of the body’s major and minor energy centers and their relationship to the body’s energy field is included. Use of techniques for balancing, harmonizing, clearing, and expanding the field will be practiced. Chakra’s are discussed in depth.

Techniques for working with the human energy field are taught. These include opening the energy field, pain management, mind clearing, release of stagnant energy, wound sealing, headache relief, spinal relief and distance healing.

Intro to Energy Healing I …

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Disease processes, symptoms, and their effects on bodily tissues an organ systems. Nervous system pathology also includes psychological issues as they relate to your practice. Understanding how to respond appropriately to various types of emotional problems will be discussed. Important issues regarding modifications and contraindications in bodywork technique to given pathological states form an important aspect of the course.

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Trigger Point Therapy

This course is intended to provide the developing therapist with techniques to manage common, specific soft tissue complaints that often present during a massage session. We will explore the possibilities of cause, the symptoms, and certain effective treatment for issues such as: TMJsyndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, psoas pain and dysfunction, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff imbalance and pain, and gluteal/IT band dysfunction; possible additional technique, time permitting. These applications may be used to augment a ‘routine’ massage or as stand alone treatments for pain relief.

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Spa and Body Wraps

Learn some of the great treatments they perform in a spa setting. Muds, Salts, Wraps and more. This class is taught in a Western Style.

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Reiki I & II

These courses explore the simple, unique, and powerful energy therapy for treating oneself and others. Students will be attuned to the Usui method of healing, and will be given introductory information on how to use Reiki most effectively. You must take Reiki I to move onto Reiki II. ReikiIII is sometimes offered at East-West School.

The latest information about the origin of this healing system will be included from Dr. Usui’s own writings.

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Study and theory of the feet and hands, their meridians, and how reflexology can be incorporated into your massage therapy training.

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Psychological Aspects

In this course, you will learn about the different types of psychological diseases and challenges your clients may have that you will encounter as aLMT.

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Pregnancy Massage

This course teaches specific techniques supportive to pregnancy, birthing, post-partum recovery and nursing. It also talks about issues that parents need to consider in order to greet their new babies compassionately and confidently. Volunteer Pregnant women will be available for hands-on practice.

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Lymph Drainage

This is a 2 day class focusing on the theory and hands on techniques of Lymph Drainage Therapy. This is a gentle technique that works through the body’s lymphatic system to assist with circulation and lymph and to stimulate functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. The results of these actions can include reduction of edemas, detoxification of the body, relief of numerous chronic inflammations reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. This technique will be a fantastic addition to any massage therapy …

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Light Language

Light Language is taught as a special CEU class from time to time at East-West School. It is not a part of the required program.

Ancient Mayan system of healing and manifesting, using the energies of specific colors and sacred geometries in sequences called grids. These grids act as a loud prayer and shift the aura of the person, group, object or place to magnetize the desired outcome.

Light is a valuable resource that can be programmed and used to create desired outcomes. Its use gives you conscious control …

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Active Isolated Stretching

The Mattes Method will expand the potential of your profession. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) one of the safest and most effective therapeutic stretching methods practiced today. A.I.S. has been developed over the last 35 years by kinesiotherapist, Aaron Mattes.

An effective treatment for deep and superficial fascial release, A.I.S. isolates hypertonic muscle groups and increases their range of motion through assisted repetative stretches. These stretches promote physiological wellbeing by promoting improved circulation, joint mobility and tissue elasticity.

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Integrative Massage

This class allows students to blend the skills they have acquired in Asian and Western bodywork forms as well as the use of therapeutic stretches. Offered near the end of the term, students have an opportunity to incorporate all they have learned into a coherent whole.

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This course is intended as a first level introduction to safe and appropriate use of hydrotherapy for massage therapists. This course will expand a therapist treatment scope and career opportunities and is an essential tool of tying this ancient and effective use of water into hands-on knowledge.

History and General Principles of Hydrotherapy
Physiological Physical Effects Of Hydrotherapy
Reflex effects of hot and cold water
Effects on Circulation
Effects of Contrast Hot and Cold Applications
Indication & Contra- indication
Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures
Incorporating Hot and Cold packs in a massage

The techniques of …

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Hot Stone Massage

Use of hot stones, oils and specific techniques for relaxation and deep tissue massage. Benefits to the practitioner include increased client appeal and ease of application. This is always a favorite class amongst students. Knowing Hot Stone techniques can also improve your practice and revenue.

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Eastern Theory

Structure and function of the human body as seen through the energetic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Topics covered include the meridian system and Chinese medical cosmology. Students will be given both theoretical and hands-on experience with meridian therapy. Additionally, five phase theory and the eight principles approach are taught using the understanding of patterns of disharmony and appropriate diagnostic procedures.

Eastern Theory is a required set of classes at East-West School and will help you stand out in your profession. Many Massage Schools do not …

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Chair Massage

Many people benefit from Chair Massage or otherwise known as “Seated Massage”. It’s quick, affordable and your clothing remains on. We spend one full day teaching you how to incorporate Chair Massage into your practice. This is a fun class and you will receive and give Chair Massages. Everyone taking this class will get to practice giving Chair Massage during our Massage Clinic that is open to the public.

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Topics include ethical behavior and principles, record keeping, building a successful business, and attitude. The importance of ethical professional practice will be stressed. Liability issues and marketing will also be discussed. Kristen is a firm believer in the following: “It’s not what you do, but how you do it that counts!” There is a recipe for being a successful massage therapist. “Love what you do, be really great at it, and help a lot of people….and success will follow!” Kristen is known for her award …

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This is an introductory class to Aromatherapy. Theory, practice and use of essential oils will be taught. Students will learn the fundamentals of blending, and be able to make their own body products for use with their clients and at home. This class is taught in two half days and will give you a great start on using Aromatherapy for your health and well being and a great addition to your massage practice.

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Anatomy Lab

This is a four part program and only offered at East-West School. Hands on work with the body to learn where the body parts and muscles are located. Great class!

Structure and function of the human body and bodily systems. Attention will be paid to the relevance of these systems to therapeutic massage and bodywork. Among the variety of modalities used are lecture and awareness exercises. Additionally, faculty will provide education in experiential anatomy, expanded organ system instruction, and tissue release.

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This is a half day course on the fundamentals and benefits of meditation. You will learn the theory of meditation and participate in the meditation process.

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Healing and Happiness

This class is offered as part of our program. You will learn the art of self fulfillment and how to be happy. You will also learn about the healing powers of self love, meditation, quiet time and reflection. Healing others is an important part of our program, and healing the self is even more important. You can’t give what you don’t have.

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Work and Life Balance

Learn how to use the “Life Wheel” in your every day life to keep your life moving forward and worth living. This class will help identify the areas of your life that are out of balance and offer a road map for getting things back on track.

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