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Top 15 Reasons Why Students Choose

East-West School for Massage Therapy in Iowa

  • 1.) AWARD WINNING: You will appreciate that we are the only Award Winning Massage Therapy School in Iowa with many Award Winning faculty on our team. In addition, our Executive Director, Kristen Sharma, was honored by the Iowa Governor, with the Deb Dalziel Award.  An award given to one female in Iowa each year for making the most significant difference for others in the state. She was also given a standing ovation by the Iowa Senate and House of Representatives for her work in making a difference in Iowa. This is not an average or ordinary program, but a program of excellence! Quality and caring are our primary focus and if you like learning, helping others and making a difference, you have come to the right place. We are the premier and most comprehensive program in the area with the most experienced instructors. Our faculty includes a Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Nurse, Licensed Acupuncturist and over 10 seasoned Licensed Massage Therapists. Our students appreciate the one to one attention and the quality of instruction that is hard to find elsewhere. (See our testimonials of many happy students) Our 1000 hour program is our most popular and we also offer an 800 and 650 hour program. You will complete your program in 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the program you choose which suites your needs best. See for yourself why our graduates feel they chose the Best Massage Therapy College in the area and are raving fans. Experience the East-West difference!
  • 2.) MORE MODALITIES & TECHNIQUES: Statistics show the more hours you do, the higher your score will be on the Board Exam. You will love all of the east-west-massage-school-iowa-Massage different techniques and modalities taught at East-West School. Each year we add something new and stay on the cutting edge. You will learn to master both Swedish Massage and Asian Bodywork along with many other styles. This ensures a rich education and puts “more tools in your toolbox” once working as a therapist and healer. Students especially love all of our advanced elective classes. Knowing more can also give you a longer more abundant career with a higher chance for success. Our 1000 hour program also helps you to be at the top in your field and eligible to practice in more states.
  • 3.) EXPERT INSTRUCTORS AND MORE TIME: We have over 20 professionals on our faculty, many award winning, along with 3 Directors to guide and support you. Your eduction will be vast and full of variety and you will learn from many healthcare professionals, not just a few. You will learn an extensive number of modalities, both eastern and western massage techniques plus more. Many of our instructors have been in the business for over 25 years with an accumulative of over 200 years total. We also give you more time to complete your programs free. You won’t need to feel rushed at East-West School. Our programs can be completed in 6, 12 or 18 months.


  • 4.) FINANCIAL AID & 0% INTEREST RATE LOANS: You will love the easy payment plans at East-West School. Unlike most student loans, East-West does not charge an interest rate. East-West can make your education affordable, and you can enjoy the peace of mind of paying no interest, unlike Government Financial Aid Loans, which are currently at 6.8% interest in most situations. Many of our students have received up to $5,600 in awards and scholarships making our program extremely affordable for almost everyone looking for a new career in Massage Therapy. We make it affordable for anyone to attend college.
  • 5.) LICENSED STUDENT ADVISERS: You will have your own Student Adviser here. We will help you every step of the way via our full-time Licensed Massage Therapists who also serve as our Student Advisers. If you have any questions or need help, we have an excellent staff to answer your questions. You will feel supported and your questions regarding your program are always welcome. Our door is always open and we all want to see you succeed.
  • 6.) JOB PLACEMENT: We work hard to help you find work after you graduate too. East-West School has a professional clinic where our best students can find full-time and part-time work right away after they graduate. We also have a very successful sister spa company, A Massage Oasis, which has many locations in the area including the Iowa Massage Images University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, ACT, University of Iowa Campus and is growing nationally. We will work with you to polish your resume, interviewing skills and massage techniques so you will land the massage job or contract of your dreams or start your own business. We also have a “Job/Help Wanted Folder” full of job opportunities in and around the surrounding communities. We are there for you every step of the way. At this time, East-West massage therapists are in demand and it is a growing industry. The average Licensed Massage Therapist in the USA earns over $40,000/year according to online resources.
  • 7.) OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS: You will walk away with everything you need to start your own business including a Massage Table, Massage Chair and all the equipment needed included in your tuition. Business tutoring from the University of Iowa Small Business Development Center is included in your program at East-West School along with Business Coaching & Classes for all students.
  • 8.) PASS THE BOARDS GUARANTEE: We’re so sure you’ll pass your Boards the first time when you attend East-West School, that we have a Guarantee. We Guarantee you’ll pass your Boards the first time or we’ll give you the Anatomy and Pathology hours again for FREE. This is more than an $2,500.00 value. Your success is our top priority!  Our college passing rate is one of the highest in the state!
  • 9.) RECEIVE CASH TIPS WHILE ATTENDING SCHOOL: You will go home with cash. At East-West School, students commonly receive hundreds of dollars in tips while working their clinic internship. Students can Massage Colleges Iowa - The East West School - About Us also apply for a work program grant, which helps save on their tuition.
  • 10.) BEST LOCATION: You will love this part too! We have a great location close to interstates I-80 and 6, with a number of eating establishments within a few minutes drive and free parking. Perfect for students who like to get away during lunch and breaks. We are also on the bus route. The interior of the school is beautiful and designed with Feng Shui concepts.
  • 11.) YOGA STUDIO BONUS: You can learn yoga during your program at East-West School with a complimentary membership of a nearby yoga studio, depending on which program you join.
  • 12.) CONTINUING EDUCATION: With on-going commitment to continuing education, we offer an extensive CEU Iowa-City-Massageprogram. The most comprehensive and largest in the area with NEW courses being added regularly taught by nationally recognized instructors. Many special events annually. Regular coupons and discounts are offered to our alumni.
  • 13.) COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Do you like to make a difference for others? We do too! We are known in the area for our community outreach and regular volunteer work. We offer our students many opportunities to “give back” and help others as part of their program. We annually donate massages to teachers, area volunteers for non-profit organizations, Hospice, The Women’s Foundation, the North Liberty Food Pantry and the University of Iowa Health Fair. Giving back is one of the Core Values of East-West School.
  • 14.) CLOSE TO IOWA CITY & CEDAR RAPIDS: We are located in North Liberty, the fastest growing community in the state, and just 15 minutes from the Cedar Rapids border and 10 minutes from Iowa City, which is the home of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes and their ever growing campus. Being close saves on gas money!
  • 15.) ALUMNI PROGRAM: You’re always part of the East-West School family. Alumni receive on-going benefits such as complimentary and discounted Clinic Massages, periodic free classes and workshops, gatherings, facebook and more. We are always here to help our graduates with questions, continuing education, business advice and job placement assistance.